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Region: Middle Tennessee
1850 Caroline (Callie) Elizabeth Chandler
Mary D. Patterson?, Teacher
Little Dog Group
22nd District, Maury Co.

1714"V x 1514"H © TSS 220
fibers: silk and wool
ground: 25 V/22 H ct. cotton
Caroline Elizabeth Chandler (1839—1914), called Callie, was the first born child of John R. Chandler and Susan Crosby. Her father owned a farm in Maury Co. near Spring Hill. The Chandler children likely attended a nearby school run by Mary D. Patterson. Both Callie and her sister Nannie made samplers similar to those of Mary E. Terrell (TSS 196) and Alice Bauguss (TSS 175) which were known to have been made under the instruction of Mrs. Patterson in 1846 and 1850. Callie was the only child in the family to marry. When she was 17, she wed Francis Marion Fitzgerald, a farmer in Maury County. The couple had five children, four of whom lived. Callie is buried in Neopolis Cemetery, Maury County.
Callie's sampler was cleaned and reframed sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s. After many years of being separated from her sister's sampler, Callie's work was returned to Tennessee and hangs next to Nannie's.
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