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Region: Middle Tennessee
1840 Emaline (Emma) Tennessee L. Motheral
Tulip Border Group
Grassland, Williamson Co.

16"V x 1412"H © TSS 012
fibers: silk
ground: 30 V/24 H ct. linen
Emaline (Emma) Tennessee L. Motheral (1825-1898) grew up at Locust Guard, the Joseph Motheral farm. An avid student, she became a teacher and married Hiram Eleazer Ring, who was also a teacher.
Emma’s sampler has a great variety of stitches with extensive use of queen stitch, eyelet, and four-sided stitch. Her couplet,

Count that day lost, whose low descending sun
Views from thy hand, no worthy action done.

can be found on several Middle Tennessee samplers.
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