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Region: Middle Tennessee
1833 Margaret Thompson
Green and Pink Group
Franklin, Williamson Co.

1712"V x 16"H © TSS 165
fibers: silk
ground: 26 V/28 H ct. linen
Margaret Thompson was one of eight living children of James Thompson and Margaret Buchanan. Her father was probably a farmer in Williamson Co. near Franklin. She married Constantine (Constant) W. Davis in 1841 and they lived on a farm in the Fifth Civil District of Williamson County. Margaret never had any children of her own, but she and her husband became the guardians of her sister’s three children and his brother’s three children.
This sampler was examined on the reverse, revealing that the white and beige in the flowers was originally pink. The sampler contains dividing bands worked with eyelet, herringbone, queen, and rice stitches.
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