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Region: Middle Tennessee
1841 Mary King Boring
Midsylvania Female Academy?

1714"V x 1614"H © TSS 174
fibers: silk
ground: 28 V/26 H ct. linen
Mary King Boring (1825-1884) was the daughter of Amon Boring and Nancy Etter. Her father was a farmer in Rutherford County. When Mary was fourteen, she married William Harvey Cayce. The couple had six children. Mary’s husband was a coach maker and a carpenter. When the Homestead Act of 1862 opened up public lands in Arkansas, the Cayces went west to stake a claim. William filed a claim in Mary’s name for land in Hot Springs Reservation, Garland Co., AR. Mary died there in 1884.
Mary may have attended the Midsylvania Female Academy, five miles southeast of Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., as her sampler has the same color palate as the Emmeline E. Smith’s 1846 sampler (TSS 054) which was made there. Mary names both of her parents on her sampler in her signature line.
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